The Arthritics
Blues You Can Use


All the songs are jams. Unplanned. Unrehearsed. Spontaneous. Live, as it happened, warts and all. Recorded in Chris' basement on the Porter County World Tour. Every note was composed on the spot, dragged kicking and screaming from somewhere very deep in the soul. It ain't pretty, but its honest. We hope you enjoy it.

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House Of The Rising Sun.mp3     (7:11)      16.4M 
eMinor Blues.mp3                      (14:16)     32.6M
Just Warming Up.mp3               (10:58)     25.1M 
Chillin'.mp3                               (13:12)     30.2M

Another Minor Blues.mp3          (12:39)     20.0M
Summertime.mp3                        (8:27)     19.3M 

Chris Shultz: Rhythm Guitar
Dan Grusak: Rhythm Guitar, Harp, Vocal on House Of  The Rising Sun
Jerry Huber: Keyboards
Howard Bernstein: Lead Guitar, First Harp Solo on Just Warming Up

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